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Ballet Jörgen’s Cinderella Comes to Hamilton Place on March 26

By January 14, 2015No Comments


Canada’s Ballet Jörgen returns to Hamilton Place on Thursday, March 26th with the fairy tale classic, Cinderella.

Bengt Jörgen’s magnificent version of Cinderella is a must-see, sparkling treat. When Cinderella encounters an old lady, a magic seed and a flock of enchanting fairies, she begins an adventure that will change her life – and upset her snooty stepsisters. Jörgen’s choreography balances the fairy tale with contemporary family relationships creating an evening filled with wonder, laughter, and love.

Cinderella by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen is an innovative take on the classic fairy tale. Jörgen’s choreography fuses with modern realism resulting in a very human take on Cinderella and her circumstances.

Glenn Davidson’s set design creates a fantastical environment where ice storms and old forest growth represent the natural world reclaiming man-made structures. Costume designs by Robert Doyle playfully echo each character’s personality. Ballet Jörgen’s Cinderella is a classical ballet with modern and dramatic sensibilities.

On Thursday, March 26th, come and see Cinderella, the ballet critics have hailed as “Destined to live happily ever after” (Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail).

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen performs Cinderella at Hamilton Place on Thursday, March 26 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets visit or call – 1-855-872-5000.