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Maggie Szabo Live @ The Pearl Company

By March 18, 2010No Comments

See Maggie Live @ The Pearl

Maggie Szabo Live @ The Pearl Company

Maggie Szabo Live @ The Pearl Company

Maggie Szabo is a gifted young pop artist who hails from Dundas,  She headed to Nashville to pursue her dreams only a short year ago and is already gathering an audience of die-hard fans and garnering critical acclaim.  

Upon arriving in Nashville, Maggie began playing open-mic nights in order to hone her craft just around the time that Tanya Leah, an established songwriter in town, had begun to look for an artist to produce.  Through fate, and a house painter named Rocky, Tanya was introduced to Maggie and her music, and knew she had found something special.

Maggie and Tanya began writing and had an instantaneous connection.  Their first attempt at creating music together produced the song, “Halfway Home”, which is now the first song on Maggie’s self-titled EP.  Her hard work and determination led to more collaborations, and soon Maggie was writing with some of the top writers in the business.  Hit songwriters like Arnie Roman, Russ DeSalvo, and Stephanie Lewis were soon on board the project as well.

Tanya then hired some of Nashville’s top studio and live musicians to record the first batch of songs.  The music that resulted from those sessions is organic and crosses the boundaries between pop and neo-soul, and creates a new sound all its own.  

All of the songs on the Maggie Szabo project are deeply musical and smart but still completely catchy, and her voice is simply a force of nature.  She sounds like no one else.  Her voice is young and fresh, but still evokes the smoke and grit of someone who has lived long and hard.

 You can listen to her music at, and it is available at most internet retailers (iTunes and, etc…).