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Singer eyes bright future in Nashville

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By Craig Campbell
December 18, 1009

“In Nashville, Tenn., where everyone is a songwriter, a housepainter held the key to introducing a young Valley Town singer to her destiny.

After years of classical vocal training at the Hamilton Conservatory of Music, and a trip to Nashville for a songwriting program, then 18-year-old Maggie Szabo planned a short visit to the music mecca last January.

“I wanted to check out Nashville for a couple of weeks,” the Highland Secondary School graduate said. “I liked it so much, I came home for a couple of weeks to pack and came back.”

Szabo decided the move was necessary to seriously pursue a career in the music business. For a couple of months, she made nightly visits to smoky bars hosting open mike nights where she perfomred and met other aspiring musicans.”

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